Notice about Winter Vacation and Spring Semester Registration of Foreign Students


According to the university teaching plan, hereby notify about winter vacation and spring semester registration in the year 2021:

I. Winter vacation

Winter vacation will be from January 17 to February 23, 2021.

II. Registration Dates

Registration days will be from February 22 (Monday) to 24(Wednesday). Classes start on Thursday February 25.

III. Registration for international students within China

Students within China please act in accordance with the university’s epidemic control and prevention requirements, paying all fees due and register in time during the above period in 104 office of School of International Education.

IV. Registration for international students outside China

Students who cannot return due to the epidemic please register by sending an email to within the registration period. Your registration email shall be titled REGISTRATION and your student ID number, name and passport number should be presented in the email.

Students who have paid fees since January 15 please attach in the registration email a copy of your remittance voucher.

V. Remittance information for from overseas:


Recipient Account Number: 576857528447

Receiving Bank: Bank of China Hubei Branch Wuhan Donghu Development Luo Jiashan SUB-BRANCH


Notes: 1) Beneficiary should be WUHAN UNIVERSITY.  2) Please fill in your student ID number in the remittance remarks. 3) Its suggested that all fees be settled in RMB.

VI. Other reminders for registration

1. Students with outstanding tuition fees can not register.

2. Unregistered international students are not entitled to the benefits of students.

3. International students who fail to register beyond the prescribed time limit without justified reasons shall be treated as absenteeism. International students who violate registration regulations, if the circumstances are serious, will automatically drop out, status of study being canceled.