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In the background of economic globalization and media convergence, in order to meet the needs of China's modernization drive and the development of modern advertising.This major requiresthe students to master solid theoretical and fundamental knowledge, to expand their knowledge, to improve adaptability and practical ability to become innovative andhigh-quality advertising theoreticalresearch, advertising and advertising design’s practical operation of the senior specialized personnel.


Thismajor has the features of involving a wide expansion of knowledge and requiring practicality. It requires students to systematically master the basic principles of Marxism Communication andmarketing, psychology, media operation and management, also the basic theory knowledge of advertising; receivingthe systematic training of advertising business and management, planning and creativity, design and performance,so that students have a high-level researching capability and operational capability for advertising practices.

The knowledge and ability required for a student to graduate are:
1. The basic theory and knowledge of advertising communication and advertising marketing
2.Advertising planning, creativity, design, copywriting, management, administration and other practical knowledge and skills
3.Marketing research andsocial activities
4.Relevant policies & regulations of the advertising industry
5.The status and trends of advertising industry at home and abroad
6.The basic theory and practice of media operation and management;
7.Goodworking ethics, exalted professional ideals, innovative awareness and the ability of continuous learning.

Length of Schooling and Credits Required

Duration: 4 years. The freshman year, all students take a year’s courses of general education and the basic courses of journalism and communication. In the sophomore year, in accordance with the needs and personal interests, students can choose journalism, advertising (including advertising design direction) or communications.

Credit requirement: 140

The Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts.


Basic Courses: Brief introduction of Journalism, Broadcasting and Television, Advertising. Mass Communication Theory, basic knowledge of new media, digital technology and application, media ethics and regulations, media research methods.

Core courses: advertising planning, advertising research, advertising media, advertising creativity and performance, general history of the global advertising, advertising business, online advertising, computer graphic design, graphic design, digital photography.

Bilingual courses: Topics in Western Advertising, Broadcasting & Television Advertising.

Main Experimental and Practical Requirements

The main experimental courses include: advertising research and statistical analysis, computer graphic design experiments, graphic designexperiments, digital photography experiments.

Thismajor has three-level of practical teaching system includes curriculum internship, internship during vacation, and professionalinternship. According to the usual curriculum, students have internship in schools. On vacation, students are required to have internships in medias, enterprises and advertising companies. And students who orient toward advertising and design direction should get sketches or images of certain landscapes in the fourth semester.In the sixth semester students should go to the media, enterprises and advertising companies for a period of 3 to 4 months of professional practice. All the duration of internshipsadded up should reach more than a total of 30 weeks.

Requirements for Graduation

The students should finish all credits required, complete the graduationpaper and pass the graduationdefenceto graduate.Students who meet the criteria for degreegranting will be awarded Bachelor of Arts degree.