Our School Won "Excellent Organization of Practical Education for Graduate Students of Wuhan University in 2020"


In 2020, School of Journalism and communication, has insisted on guiding graduate students to go deep into practice in order to improve the practical ability of graduate students. We gave the full play to the "three-level linkage" guidance and supervision mechanism of the college, earnestly implemented all stages of practical education, and provided rich and diversified practical guidance. With the joint efforts of teachers and students, our school won the title of "Excellent Organizer of Graduate Practical Education of Wuhan University 2020".

In 2020, affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, our school encouraged on-site internship and online internship. A total of 297 students carried out internship activities, and nearly 200 enterprises and units accepted our interns. In addition to the professional practice, our students also actively participated many kinds of volunteer service and research projects under the guidance of the tutors. In the summer practice, the new mode of "internet plus social practice" was adopted mainly based on students' personal practice in their hometown. In 2020, many students won the national awards of the National College Students' Advertising Art Competition, awards of excellent media works of the People's Network Scholarship, and the title of outstanding individuals of Alumni Anthology Compilation. In addition, our school also used multimedia channels to release practice information comprehensively. In this academic year, we have published more than 100 articles about practice education.

In 2021, we will continue to adhere to the work plan of Wuhan University. On the premise of ensuring the normal operation of teaching tasks, we will focus on guiding graduate students to go deep into practice, comprehensively improve students' practice level, earnestly implement all stages of practical education, and effectively strengthen research and development by providing rich and diversified practical guidance to improve the practical ability of graduate students.