徐开彬,教授、博士生导师,美国科罗拉多大学波尔德主校区(University of Colorado - Boulder)传播学博士,武汉大学“珞珈学者特聘教授”。研究领域包括组织传播、健康传播、文化与传播、修辞批评。讲授传播定性研究方法、传播量化研究方法、传播理论、组织传播、健康传播、群体传播、跨文化传播、修辞批评等课程。


序号 成果作品名称 出版、发表或制作单位 时间
1 “Let Feminists Tell Me My Fault”: A Study of the Discourse Strategies of Sexual Harassment Suspects Feminist Media Studies 2019
2 “Kindhearted People, Please Save My Family”: Narrative Strategies for New Media Medical Crowdfunding Health Communication 2019
3 The Chinese Female Spectatorship: A Study of the Network Community of the “Boys’ Love” Movie “Call Me by Your Name” Feminist Media Studies 2019
4 健康叙事研究的主要面向——基于2007-2016 年《健康传播》文献的分析 武汉大学学报(哲学社会科学版) 2019
5 从国家情感到个体利益: 《人民日报》读者来信作为一种政治沟通体裁的嬗变 新闻与传播研究 2019
6 汶川十年 :汶川地震的媒介记忆研究 新闻大学 2018
7 凸显与遮蔽:国内主流报纸新闻评论中医患矛盾的隐喻分析 国际新闻界 2018
8 习近平达沃斯演讲的新亚里士多德修辞分析 现代传播 2018
9 Advertising and Consumer Culture in China Chinese Journal of Communication 2017
10 Modeling online health information seeking behavior in China: The roles of source characteristics, reward assessment, and  internet self-efficacy Health Communication 2016
11 Exploring guanxi from a gender perspective: Urban Chinese women’s practices of guanxi Gender, Place & Culture 2015
12 Chinese employees negotiating differing conflict management expectations in a US-Based multinational corporation subsidiary in Southwest China Management Communication Quarterly 2014
13 Strategy to motivate and facilitate compromise in Chinese mediation: A discourse analysis of contemporary Chinese mediation sessions International Journal of Conflict Management 2014
14 The rejection of science frames in the news coverage of the golden rice experiment in Hunan, China Health, Risk & Society 2014
15 Theorizing difference in intercultural communication: A critical dialogic perspective Communication Monographs 2013
16 In the wake of the Wenchuan earthquake: The function of story-sharing in rebuilding communities in the quake disaster zone Asian Journal of Communication 2013
17 The effects of three sources of social support on quake survivors’ posttraumatic stress after the Wenchuan earthquake Journal of Loss and Trauma 2013
18 Framing Occupy Wall Street: A content analysis of The New York Times and USA Today International Journal of Communication 2013
19 Mediating family conflicts on TV: A discourse analysis of Gold Medal Mediation episodes China Media Research 2013
20 An ethical stakeholder approach to crisis communication: A case study of Foxconn's 2010 employee suicide crisis Journal of Business Ethics 2013
21 Causal attributions for corporate performance: A cross-cultural comparison of Chinese and U.S. American companies Journal of International and Intercultural Communication 2011
22 An empirical study of Confucianism: Measuring Chinese academic leadership Management Communication Quarterly 2011




(3)Summer Research Award,Temple University,USA,2013;

(4)Grant-in-Aid for Research Award,Temple University,USA,2010;

(5)Seed Grant, School of Communications and Theater,Temple University,USA,2009;

(6)Summer Research Award,Temple University,USA,2009。


(1)Sabbatical Leave Award, Temple University,USA,Spring 2012;

(2)Graduate School Fellowship, University of Colorado - Boulder,USA,2004-2005;

(3)Graduate Council Fellowship, The University of Alabama,USA,2003-2004。


(1)美国传播学会(NCA)附属学术期刊Journal of International and Intercultural Communication编委会编委;