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Welcome Addresses

Welcome to the school of Journalism and communication, Wuhan University

School of journalism and communication, you may regard her as a building with grey watt and white wall in the corner of Cherry Avenue; as the wise and also innocent smile face in front of the door; as the colorful and creative works in the house from the students.

School of Journalism and Communication derives from the Department of Journalism in 1983, School of Journalism and Communication was founded in December 2000.We have gone through thick and thin for 20-30 years. We have educated many excellent talents and have good reputation.

Our teachers’ ability is strong: The college has 52 full-time teachers , 20 professors (including 17 Ph.D. adviser) and 20 associate professor ; more than 90 percent of teachers have a doctorate as well as experience in foreign countries of study , exchanges and lectures ; there is one National Teaching teacher, one teacher selected as first batch of national " people plan " , four for New Century excellent Talents , three enjoy special government allowances , one for Luo Jia distinguished scholar , one for Chu Tian scholar Professor, two for Luo Jia scholar Professor , 4 for Luo Jia young scholars . In addition, the school also hired more than 40 well-known domestic and overseas journalism and communication scholars and practitioners as professors or part-time college professor.

Our platform for science research is wide: we own one "the 10th five-year plan" "211 engineering" key construction projects; one "the 11th five-year plan " "211 engineering" key construction project; one national "985 engineering" philosophy social sciences innovation Base;2 CSSCI published sources. In addition, We have long and stable relationship with many famous universities and institutions.

Our teaching equipment is advanced: more than 400 pieces (sets) experimental equipment and more than 50,000 volumes of books at home and abroad create a good environment for study and research.

In December 2013, School of journalism and communications, as the first batch of experimental units, was built by the Hubei provincial party Committee propaganda Department and Wuhan University. Our development go into a new stage.

However, even if we have so many things to be proud of, we still need to speak and act cautiously, and be prepared for danger in times of safety. As an outstanding journalist, we should grasp the opportunity of the era, seeking the better and faster development.

In the journalism college’s students should come together and make progress. Alumni who are missing the journalism college should also remember, there is a home waiting for you in the end of Cherry Avenue. Years of hardship have witnessed the great achievements of the college of journalism and communication. But if we stay in the past, we will reach a plateau and lose our brilliant. So, the bright future of college of journalism and communication will start a new chapter and created by our new journalist. And all this must be sent to you, whether the undergraduate, or the wanderer.

Hereby just give the great expectations to those who are at the college of journalism and communication in friends. In the New Year and new era, hoping everybody can get great progress in learning, scientific research, work and family. The school of journalism and communication in Wuhan university is your most beautiful college, most warm harbor, most warmth of family and the most effective help, wish you can embrace peace and happiness come here, come near us and you can also harvest full of knowledge and confidence,walk out the college, go to society and making for a wonderful life!

Today you are proud of the school of journalism and communication in Wuhan University, tomorrow the school of journalism and communication in Wuhan University are proud of you!